Yortzait – Московская Хоральная синагога


Anniversary of a death

Yortzait is the anniversary of a death according to the Jewish calendar.


On the eve of Yortzait, it is customary to light a funeral candle, which burns for a whole day until the end of a memorial day. There is custom to visit the cemetery and to read there the chapters from the Psalms (Theilim): 33, 17, 57, 72, 91, 104, 130.


Then those verses from Psalm 119 that begin with the Hebrew letters of the name of the deceased and with the letters of the word Neshama (soul) read. Kadish for the deceased read the first 11 months.


From the day of the first anniversary the deceased is commemorated on those holidays when Izkor is read (memorial prayer recited in the synagogue): Shavuot, Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret, the seventh day of Passover.


It is believed that compliance with all these rules is invaluable to the soul of the deceased. Particularly important is the reading of the Kadish prayer.


On the anniversary of death, it is accepted to say the prayer “Kadish” three times (in the evening, morning and afternoon prayers) in the presence of a minyan (10 Jews), which can be ordered from the administrator of the prayer hall on the next reading day.


You can order a commemorative prayer “El Male Rahamim” using the feedback form or by contacting by phone or at the prayer hall administrator.


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