Сatering – Московская Хоральная синагога


Any festive Jewish event is always accompanied by a feast, but when holding banquets away from the synagogue, the question of kosher catering always arises.


In the Moscow Choral Synagogue there are kosher restaurants that provide kosher catering services for any format of the event. Mashgiahs will work with you, who will do everything necessary for koshering the kitchen and will accompany the whole event, as well as a team of professional banquet managers and waiters.


The restaurant staff will be happy to advise you on the menu, discuss with you all the necessary questions, and also recommend a venue for the event.


Catering is carried out by the kosher meat restaurant “Rimon”, the milk cafe “Bagel”, as well as the cafe “Eden”, located in the community “Ogaley Yaakov”.


Detailed restaurant information and contacts can be found here:



You can also contact the synagogue secretary at the contacts listed on the site for more information.


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