Rabbinical court – Московская Хоральная синагога

Rabbinical court

Rabbinical court



Jews have always and everywhere strived for truth and justice. On the other hand, peace has always been considered the greatest value in the Jewish people.


For a harmonious combination of these two principles – the restoration of justice, and the achievement of peace – Jews have for centuries been the institution of a rabbinical court. It is the wisdom of the Torah that allows you to resolve any conflicts and come to the desired compromise.


In addition, the jurisdiction of the rabbinical court includes Jewish marriage and divorce, as well as the passage of the giyur – the voluntary acceptance of the burden of the Torah and the commandments, which stipulates joining the Jewish people.


Contact information.

Court’s secretary:

Tel: 8 (495) 623-47-88

Email: bethdinmscw@gmail.com


Appointment for the first meeting on the issues of giyur is made by e-mail: giur.moscow@gmail.com

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Chairman of the Rabbinical Court of the CIS and the Baltic Countries, President of the Conference of European Rabbis.

Rabbi David Yushuvaev

Head of the Torah Mi-Zion community

Rabbi Moshe Lebel

Head of the Torat Haim Yeshiva, Member of the Conference of European Rabbis


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