Lyubertsy community “Beit Marina” – Московская Хоральная синагога

Lyubertsy community “Beit Marina”

The Jewish community of Severnaya is a unique world of a Jewish town on the outskirts of Moscow. This is not a lecture hall, nor a synagogue, nor a social security. It is all together. This is when we are all together. This is “mini-Israel”, in which people of a high level of knowledge, erudition, culture and tact reunited in the community to feel that each of them is needed, desired, interesting. This is a place where you can conveniently come to visit, on foot, and where you can discover the unknown world and find authentic oneself.

And it all started with one person – the blessed memory of Anatoly Isaakovich Vladov, a professor, a pensioner living in the north of Moscow, who in 2000 decided to create a Jewish community in his own area. There were no people and means, but there was an exact vision of the goal and a great desire. Anatoly Isaakovich found the first applicants for community members from the lists of social welfare services in the district, looking for Jewish names in the documents.
Then there were lectures, consultations, assistance to pensioners. “We did not immediately try to turn from atheists into Jews,” Anatoly Isaakovich admitted. “They studied the tradition, invited the rabbis, and began to gather for Shabbat.” As a result, in 2007, the Northern community had its own rabbi – p. Aaron Baginsky.

And then, with the support of the Jewish Federation of New York and the Joint, the “Festival of Jewish Creativity on the Moscow Outskirts -” Northern Town “, which became annual, took place. Jewish youth groups from all parts of Moscow and even from other countries come here. And the clubs within the community, around people who were passionate about their work and infected other members of the community with their enthusiasm, were born themselves: a literary salon, leather goods clubs, origami lovers, Jewish lovers, and others.

One of the main principles of life in the Severnaya community is to devote their strengths, abilities, and knowledge to the benefit of the community. Having united according to the territorial-national principle, here people have become a large, friendly Jewish family, where everyone cares for everyone!

Rabbi Aaron Baginsky
Address: Moscow, 125445, Valdai passage, house 8, building 1
Phone: 8-916-675-91-27


Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane., 10с1

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