Community “Dor Revii” – Московская Хоральная синагога

Community “Dor Revii”

The Dor Revii Community (Fourth Generation) was founded in December 2001. Initially, it consisted of students in a programming course founded by IDT. Then the community was replenished with graduates of subsequent courses, and today it includes about 70 people.

From the first days of the existence of our community, the purpose of its existence was chosen – the return of the Jews to their roots. During the years of unbelief in which the lives of several generations of Jews of our country passed, most of them almost completely lost their sense of national self-identification. The Jew began to perceive himself as a despised member of society, ashamed of his origin and his roots.

First of all, we want to return to the Jews a sense of dignity, to remind them that they come from the kind of kings, high priests and prophets. Remind them that their ancestors for 4 thousand years have brought the world the idea of ​​the One Gd and His absolute morality. Recall that the entire world civilization is built precisely on the principles that the Jewish people have been bringing to humanity all this time.

But besides self-esteem, we want to return to the Jews the knowledge of their eternal mission in this world – serving the One Gd, who led our people out of Egyptian slavery almost 3300 years ago and who handed us His Holy Torah (which the peoples of the world know to us) under the name of the Bible). Throughout our history, we have not betrayed this mission, and for the sake of fidelity to our Creator, we went to the bonfires of the Inquisition, died in pogroms and concentration camps – but did not betray the Purpose with which they were sent to this world. In our community, we are trying to return to the Jews the knowledge of their past and their purpose in this world. Our blessed memory sages, commenting on one of the verses of the Torah, teach us that a Jew can break away from his roots for a maximum of four generations. There is no fifth generation: a Jew is either completely assimilated in the world around him or returns to the bosom of his people. Most members of our community are people who are this last, decisive FOURTH GENERATION (Heb. Dor Revii). This fact served as the name of our community and determined its main mission – the return of the last Fourth Generation to Jewish roots and Jewish way of life. With God’s help, our community is successfully fulfilling its task.

Over the years of its existence, more than a hundred people have remembered and learned about their Jewry in our walls. We celebrated more than 30 Jewish weddings and more than thirty newborn children were given Jewish names for the first time in 90 years. Our sages say that Mashiach sits and waits at the gates of Rome when he opens up and embodies the mission that was recorded by the prophet Yeshayahu 2: 2-4

“And in the course of the next few days the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the peak of (all) mountains, and will rise above the hills, and all nations will rush to it.” And many nations will go and say: “Let us go up the mountain to the Lord one day, to the house of Gd Yaakov so that He will teach us His ways and that we may go in His paths.” For the Torah will come out of Ziyon and the word of the Lord from Jerushalaim. And He will judge the nations, and give instruction to many nations; and they turn their swords into yelling, and their spears into garden shears; will not raise the people against the people of the sword, and will no longer learn to fight. ”

Who is Mosiah waiting for?
Our community gives a definite answer – it is waiting for you.

Community Rabbi – Gedalya Shestak
Community Address: 108029, Moscow, Pokrovsky Blvd, 8 / 2-22
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