Community “Darkey Shalom” – Московская Хоральная синагога

Community “Darkey Shalom”

The ceremonial laying of the stone of the new Jewish Community in Otradny took place in the spring of 1997, and in December of the same year we celebrated the first candle of the Hanukkah celebration in the new building. Then, for the first time, near the building of the Synagogue, a large Hanukkah lamp also lit up, announcing another miracle: another candle shone on the Jewish map of Moscow – the new Jewish community, Darkey Shalom.

“Darkey Shalom” means in the translation of “The Way of Peace”. It is on the basis of peace and harmony that the Jewish religious Tradition teaches us to build our relations with others.

The community hosts daily prayers and lessons on the Torah, celebrates Jewish holidays and festive dates. There is a library, audio and video library, as well as youth and family clubs. On Sundays from 10-00 to 17-00, the Charity Service operates here. And every day at the same time – from 10-00 to 17-00 (except Saturday and Friday after lunch) – a bookstore is opened in which you can purchase Jewish paraphernalia, books on Jewish tradition, language and culture, as well as kosher products , matzoh, wine, Saturday candles, etc.

In addition, here you will be helped to celebrate important Jewish events in your life – Birthdays, Circumcision (Brit Mila), Bar and Bat Mitzvah, give a Hebrew name and register the birth of a child, celebrate the first haircut of a boy at 3 years old (Opshernish )

In the Synagogue you can also organize a Jewish wedding (Khupu), celebrate other Jewish events and observances, order a prayer for the health of the patient and for success and good luck in business and business.

Here, last farewells and funerals are organized according to Jewish tradition, and there is also the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of death (yorzait), order funeral prayers Kadish, Izkor. Remember: in joy and sorrow we are always with you!

You can get all the necessary information from our secretaries every day (except Saturday) from 9-00 to

Rabbi Dovid Karpov
Phone / Fax: 221-65-48
Address: Russia, Moscow, Signal passage 19B E-mail:


Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane., 10с1

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