Community “Beit Sfaradi” – Московская Хоральная синагога

Community “Beit Sfaradi”

The grand opening of the Beit Sfaradi Mountain Jews synagogue on the territory of the Sadovod Shopping Complex in Moscow took place on the 10th of Nisan 5771 (in April 2011).

We must pay tribute to the fact that the synagogue managed to gather permanent parishioners, the number of which is growing day by day, long before that and during its existence has made great strides in attracting representatives of the Jewish community to daily prayers and Shabbat meetings. In fact, the initiative to build a synagogue was caused by the need on the part of employees of the shopping center “Sadovod” and on the part of the owners of trading places. And every year the community is increasingly strengthening its connection with the Torah.

At the synagogue, there is a kosher shop and a kosher restaurant, offering a multidirectional menu, as well as organizing outdoor events. The synagogue itself consists of a library, a meeting room, a rabbi’s room and, of course, a prayer hall. The first Torah Scroll was presented to the synagogue from the very beginning by the STMEGI Charity Fund of the Zakharyaev family. Today in the synagogue there are already four Torah Scrolls.

Everyone can also work out with the rabbi of the synagogue, Vladik (Pinchas) Gurshumov. In addition, all religious events are held here, the lessons of famous rabbis and various ceremonies – such as “Taanite” or “ransom of the firstborn.”

Particular attention is paid to the younger generation. In this regard, the synagogue rabbi Vladik Gurshumov holds weekly Sunday classes for children. Classes are designed for the education and development of children aged 6 to 14 years. All children are provided with transportation by organized transport! Sunday School classes take place in the Beit Sfaradi synagogue from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Address: Moscow, 14th km of the Moscow Ring Road TC “Sadovod”

The Beit Sfaradi Synagogue is open to everyone.
Morning prayer takes place every day at 9.00
Minha – 18.00
Arvit – 18.45
Phone: 8 (910) 41-222-08


Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane., 10с1

8 (495) 624-24-24