Brit Milah – Московская Хоральная синагога

Brit Milah

Mohel and brit milah (circumcision)

Commandment of circumcision.


The first commandment that our forefather Abraham received is the commandment of circumcision. Circumcision is a sign of a holy union with God on the body of a Jew.


Circumcision is one of the most important commandments of the Torah. Every Jew is required to circumcise his son, a Jew.
If the child does not have a father, then the obligation to fulfill this commandment lies with the relatives and friends of the family.


The Brit Milah ceremony is held on the eighth day after the birth of the baby. The reason for postponing the circumcision day is health problems, when the procedure can aggravate the condition of the child. In this case, circumcision must be done as soon as the boy’s health is restored.


A Jew who has not been circumcised as a child is required to take care of his own circumcision when he grows up. If he does not fulfill this commandment, his soul will be removed from the people, as it is said: “The soul of an uncircumcised man who does not circumcise his foreskin, will be destroyed from his people, for he violated My union” (Breishit, 17:14).


Brit Milah




Mohel is the person who makes circumcision. Choosing a mohel, it is important to remember that this must be a trusted specialist with extensive experience. Only a Jew can be a mohel.


Sandak – a person sitting on a special chair, on whose lap the baby is lying during circumcision. Only Jew can become sandak, often in his role is the grandfather of the child.

Circumcision of a baby is a big event in the family. Jewish law obliges you to arrange a festive meal after the circumcision procedure, and everyone present at the ceremony takes part in this meal, as this is a big mitzvah.


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