Mikvah – Московская Хоральная синагога


The Mikvah

One of the eternal attributes of the holiness of the Jewish people has always been the ritual pool of “living water” – the mikvah.

In addition to the mystical and symbolic aspects directly related to dipping in the mikvah, in many cases we are talking about observing the direct laws and commandments of Torah, which are the whole treatise of Talmud is devoted to – Mikvaot (not counting the individual issues discussed in other treatises of the Talmud).

The extraordinary importance of these laws can be concluded even from the fact that the construction of a mikvah for a Jewish community even precedes the construction of a synagogue!

The mikvah water is called “living water” and since a significant part of it must come from a natural source (rainwater, thawed ice, etc.), because of its special “cleansing effect” on our souls.

We are in no way talking about hygienic procedures and cleanliness of the body, but exclusively about ritual and spiritual actions, either directly or indirectly affecting the purity of the Jewish soul – our and our offspring’s.

But, of course, the purity of the soul in no way contradicts the elementary rules of hygiene and the purity of a body.  Moreover, in a beautiful, comfortable, modern mikvah, all conditions are met for creating a comfortable, cozy and, one might even say, romantic atmosphere for fulfilling such an important commandment as dipping in mikvah.

Mikva is located in the building of the Moscow Choral Synagogue.

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