Kashrut – Московская Хоральная синагога


Jews have always been distinguished by a special attitude to food. Moreover, the main role in this regard was played not even by her taste, but, first of all, her compliance with the laws of the Torah – the rules of kashrut. Food for the body should not turn into poison for the soul, and it is this poison that can be called any violation of the commandments of the G-d, including the laws of kashrut.


It is known that the Torah forbids mixing meat with milk, that it is forbidden to meat of non-kosher animals, as well as meat of kosher animals slaughtered in any other way except shhita, any species of reptiles, etc. are prohibited. It would seem that everything is quite simple. But not in our century – the century of progressive food technologies, when you never know when the food industry accidentally or even intentionally “puts us a pig” (and sometimes in the most direct sense of the word). Without knowledge of the technological processes of preparation, as well as in all the detailed ingredients, we can not judge the kosher of a particular industrial product.


However, this is not a reason to abandon it. This is just an excuse to trust specialists. For this, there is the Kashrut Department at the Moscow Jewish Religious Community, which is responsible for overseeing kosher products and issuing relevant certificates.


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