Giyur – Московская Хоральная синагога


Conversion to Judaism

Giyur –  Conversion to Judaism.


There is the concept of “passing giyur” in Judaism. This is the process of conversion to Judaism, which is necessary for people who have made a serious decision that  the commandments of Judaism and Jewish religious practice are suit them the most, both from a spiritual point of view and from the point of view of lifestyle.


This is not only a ritual, but also a long educational and spiritual process, suggesting a cardinal change in life by the applicant giyur. In order to start the process, an initial appeal to the rabbinical court is necessary. Then he begins his journey with a mentor and under the control of the head of the department of Giyur.


The exact timing of the passage of the giyur does not exist. It all depends on motivation, success and the degree of responsibility. When he comes to a meeting in a rabbinical court. Continue training, or he is ready to assume obligations to comply with the requirements of the Torah.


You can apply to meet with rabbi to discuss giyur on the phone through the administrator of the prayer room or by phone: 8 (495) 624-24-24.


Attention! First appointment should me made by e-mail:


Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane., 10с1

8 (495) 624-24-24