Funeral service “Khevra Kadisha” – Московская Хоральная синагога

Funeral service

“Khevra Kadisha”

“Khevra Kadisha” – “holy society” – it is how the Jewish funeral fraternity is traditionally called. And these are not empty words.


The commandments in relation to the deceased are considered in our tradition as a manifestation of true mercy in the full meaning of the word. Indeed, when we perform a charitable deed with respect to the living, we, consciously or subconsciously, can expect any benefit from them, which cannot be said of the deceased. In the face of death, our actions and thoughts are especially pure. Therefore, the “holy society” takes on a truly holy mission.


Jews call the cemetery “the house of the living” or “the eternal house” – knowing that life does not end with death. Our whole life is a hallway to the living room of true life, to life in the Coming World. And death is just a transition.


But while we live here, on this earth, in this world, our task is to live a worthy life. A life full of worthy, charitable deeds. Including a manifestation of extreme respect for those who are close and those who are no longer with us. The organization of a Jewish funeral and the care of the graves are one of the most important components of our living duty. And when our neighbors talked about the fact that Jewish tombs are cleaner than royal palaces, this may have had its own share of truth. Because for Jews, a cemetery is much more than a commonplace land reserved for burial. For us it is a tribute to the memory, the duty of the living.


“Khevra Kadisha” at the Moscow Choral Synagogue is unique in its own way. We can say that this is her know-how in modern Russia: they are ready to go anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region to conduct ceremonies immediately prior to the burial. Both in the morgue and in the non-Jewish cemetery. In some cases, the ceremony is carried out even at home. The range of services includes washing the body, accompanied by a special prayer, sewing special clothes, providing coffins, as well as prayers in the cemetery, including reading prayers Kadish. At the disposal of the Moscow “Khevra Kadisha” – the latest hearse.


The Moscow Jewish religious community buries in the following cemeteries:

Vostryakovskoe – st. Ozernaya d. 47
Tel .: 437-4700, 430-2967

Malakhovskoye – Yegoryevskoye shosse, d. 3
Tel .: 501-5455, 558-7956

Saltykovskoe – pos. Saltykovka, st. Forest Park page 1
Tel .: 498-5299654

Perlovskoe – Ul. Starting 16 (outside MKAD); travel: metro Babushkinskaya, avt. 181, march. taxi 46.


According to custom, the graves of relatives are visited on the anniversary of death according to the Jewish calendar (yortsayt), as well as before the Days of Atonement – Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and in Jewish posts.


We remind you that those whose pedigree goes back to the koens – priests in the Jerusalem Temple are strictly forbidden to be at the cemetery with the exception of the direct funeral of blood relatives (parents, children, brothers, wife).


The central office of Khevra Kadisha is located in the building of the Moscow Choral Synagogue.


Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane., 10с1

8 (495) 624-24-24