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Bar mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah is one of the main Jewish High Day, which is not only expected with excitement, but also carefully prepared for.


Literally from Hebrew “bar mitzvah” is translated as “the son of the commandment.”


This is Jewish maturity.

Bar mitzvah



According to Jewish law, a boy becomes an adult and responsible for his actions at age 13, and girls at 12. However, the basic understanding of becoming an adult is the person’s ability to accept the commandments of the G-d and independently bear responsibility for their fulfillment. Until the bar Mitzvah, this is the responsibility of the parents.


Bar mitzvah is a big celebration where not only relatives and friends are invited, but also members of the community. There are two main actions in the Bar Mitzvah ceremony:  tefillin and aliyah la Torah (ascent, calling to the Torah).


To be called to the Torah to utter blessings when it is publicly read in the community is a great honor, which is bestowed upon one who assumes new religious obligations on the day of his majority.


Often parents are looking for an experienced mentor who will tell them and the child everything they need to know before the bar mitzvah.

In the Moscow Choral Synagogue, we will help you prepare for a responsible day, and we will also be happy to help directly organize the feast in accordance with all the rules and traditions.


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