About community – Московская Хоральная синагога

Moscow jewish

religious community

Moscow Jewish Religious Community (MERO) is the largest and oldest Jewish communities in Russia.


The community holds daily prayers, Shabbat meetings, and organizes Jewish holidays for both religious and secular Jews.


About community


Today, the activities of the Moscow Jewish religious community affect almost all aspects of the Jewish community.


The traditionally high level of implementation of religious programs: holding services, traditional Jewish holidays, supporting yeshivas and kollels, building a Jewish cemetery and the work of the kosher food department, is in harmony with secular projects such as: organizing Jewish concerts and festivals, charity programs to help the needy, archival developments, publishing, dating service, creation and support of general educational infrastructure: an orphanage, schools, kindergartens and much more other.


President of MERO – Roitberg Grigory Efimovich

Chairman of MERO – Malis Alexander Adolfovich